Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Once again you find me sitting at my desk at work drinking a XL-Christmas Cup of Tim Horton's. December has snuck up on me this year, I've known it has been coming for quite sometime although for some reason while I was rolling over in bed this morning to slap my alarm clock I caught a glimpse of the letters D.E.C on my Blackberry...and that seemed to freak me out a little. This time last year, while I was dealing with the bitter cold, I had at least a couple feet of white snow on the ground. Everything looked fresh and clean. I love the Autumn and the leaves but now I'm just ready for that powder to fall from the Sky to give December that magical feeling. I have so much shopping to do over the next couple of weeks I don't know where to begin. My nieces and nephews shopping is finished and that is all that I have completed. Thankfully I know what I'm getting everybody else, it is just a matter of driving to either New Minas or Halifax to purchase those thought-up purchases.

One thing has been bothering me lately and that is how often that I've been blogging - trying to find the time to sit down and type out how my life is doing is quite hard considering that all my family and friends are so close; and I update my life frequently on facebook or pick up the phone. I'm contemplating closing down this chapter of my life albeit keeping this blog around so I can read about my life in the north, and anyone else that may happen to find it. I'm not 100% sold on the idea of ending a three year portion of my life but I rather hate blogs that lay dormant for months with only the odd little post here and there about nothing particular (Just like this post is turning out to be). That is one big question I dwell on...Southern life isn't as exciting as moving to the unknown North.
People know how to live in the South.

Christmas Countdown

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Anonymous said...

If you shut this down, how can I stalk you and find out about your life...come on Tammy, be considerate of others:)