Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Northern habits never go away.

As I'm sitting here at work, surrounded by piles of paperwork that needs to be completed I'm compelled to start Christmas shopping online for items for my adorable nieces and nephews. I find myself drawn to online shopping although I have an over abundance of shopping malls only a 75 minute drive away, Halifax. Yet, I can't help but buy online where I don't have to drive that distance and put mileage on my Caliber. Now, I really don't have to start online shopping now, as most items would arrive in a few days to my doorstep but I just can't get out of that Northern way of thinking when it comes to shipping times. Although, my luck would have it; I have found what I'm looking for, for all four kidlets. We did purchase them some outfits while were in the States but Uncle & Aunt just can't give clothes for Christmas; that would just be wrong!
I can't believe that I have been living in the south for almost 4-months. Sometimes it still seems like it is all a dream, that I should be packing my action packers for the long trek up North; however I know that is not the case. The last 4-months have been a whirlwind, so much to do and buy. Thankfully, the spending spree is pretty much dwindled over the last month, and now we are just purchasing what we need vs what we want...
I'm looking forward to Christmas this year, where I can place a tree in my front window and start a fire in my fireplace, for the last two years I have been watching faithfully the fireplace channel on Bell; this year no more..(Although I probably will, as it is addicting).
Well, I should get back to work; my piles are growing larger by the minute!

58 days til Christmas folks!

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Melodie said...

Haha, never underestimate the fire channel, hehe. I love your banner! I suppose in winter you'll take a picture with trees covered with snow, hehe.

Glad you're enjoying the 'south'.