Monday, October 4, 2010

Organized Procrastinating

Have you noticed lately, that the more time you have the less you get done. As I sit here with my XL-Coffee from Tim Horton's I can't help but notice that I haven't wrote a post in weeks. I wish I could say it was from being extremely busy, but alas I have not been. My life is starting to roll up nicely into a tight little routine. So you would think that I could find time to write at least a little...but nope.
So with all that said, Fall is upon us - the leaves are falling and changing the most gorgeous brick red and deep yellow. There is a crispness in the air that makes you want to curl up in the livingroom under a fleece blanket and start a roaring fire (Which I may just do tonight, but in my basement not the fireplace). I love this time of year, comfy sweaters and knee high boots. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I will pack away my summer clothes and take stock of the clothes I have for the rest of Fall and prepare for the upcoming winter season. Hughie and I just got back from a huge shopping spree to help prepare us for the Winter season; you'd think that after living in the North for two years that we would have all the winter-gear that we would need, however that is not the case. When you got dressed for the "GWN" winter blast you prepared by layers after layers of clothes. That got topped off by a heavy parka, sorels and wooley socks. However the East-Coast winters are so much different than the last two years in the North and the 2.5 years prior to that in Manitoba. For those who don't know, East-Coast winters are known for there damp/cold/slushy/rainy weather = -20/25 at the coldest, which means my -40 Sorels and The North Face parka is just a bit over-kill for the winters down here. Although I'm sure I'll get at least a could couple wears out of them as I play in the snow with my fur-kids and take them for snow-walks around the block.
So yes, as I was saying we just arrived back this morning (at 5:30am) from a trip to Boston/Freeport. I of course, spent way to much money but the deals and savings far outweighed any remorse that I may feel. My best purchases was a pair of UGGS in Boston, where they don't have sale taxes and my purchases at The North Face in Freeport; where I purchased a Vest (700 down-filled), a Hoodie, a pair of pants, a new toque and a sweater for $137.99 - that same vest I saw at Cabella's in Portland for $129.99.... Crazy! I also........started Christmas Shopping!! GASP!. I couldn't pass up the deals and purchased an outfit for each of the kidlets, now all I have to do is add a toy and a book to each of them and they are finished....and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, maybe I'm better organized than I give myself credit for.

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