Sunday, September 13, 2009

Returning to Normal


Well, we’ve been back for 11 days now and things have finally settled down.  The dogs have returned to their normal schedule and are enjoying sitting out in the backyard in their dog run to relax in the cooler weather.  Before long they will be enjoying snow and subzero temperatures.  Side note:  There was ice in the water behind our house this morning and had some flurries mixed in with rain last week…winter is coming. 

Hughie and I have yet to start in on the workout routine but if all goes well Monday will be the day.  Drinking for 30 days is hard on the system!!  I’m definitely looking forward to spending lots of time on the elliptical over these next 7 months to make up for this past vacation.

With the barge order and vacation behind us, I am now preparing for the Christmas season.  I have started online Christmas shopping for the kidlets in my family as well as for Hughie.  What I will be getting the other people in my family and extended family is outside the realm of possibilities right now.  Kids are so easy to shop for. I am a firm believer of giving novels for Christmas presents – even if they are not at the reading age yet. A good book can last forever and when they do read the novel the story will never be forgotten.  

In all honesty I’m not even sure what I want for Christmas this year – I’m glad I still have a couple of months to figure it out! 

Hughie and I are already planning for our next IPA in April (or March…or May).  Considering how we plan our trips we need to take advantage of the next 7 months.  We are contemplating a all-inclusive trip to someplace warm and sunny where they have little umbrellas in frosty beverages.  If anyone has any ideas let me know, the only place that we are not considering is Cuba and/or Mexico – we know they are beautiful locations although they are not the locations for us as this time.   We are looking towards Barbados or Jamaica… so as you can tell we are a bit on the fence, so any help would definitely be appreciated. 

I am now the proud owner of a Kilt.  Considering I am a Celtic Folklore and Scottish History buff I’m surprised it took me this long to get one.  Hughie ordered me a kilt from (Sportkilt) the states before our vacation started and it arrived sometime while we were away.  I tried it on for the first time today and it fitted perfectly (I guess drinking for 30 days doesn’t make that much of a difference…well not a huge difference )….although I put it back in the box until our next vacation – no place to wear a kilt in Kugaaruk… … …. I suppose if I wore it with thermal long johns, but that isn’t the clothes statement I want to make… YIKES!

I have officially started the countdown:

103 days until CHRISTMAS

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towniebastard said...

We did an all-inclusive to the Dominican Republic back in '05 and enjoyed it. Also, we did a cruise a few years ago with stops at St. Lucia (which was awesome) and Tortula (British Virgin Islands). I recommend both places if you get the chance.