Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hauling it in

On Friday we all awoke to a strange red beast in our bay, however on closer inspection it was realized that it was not a beast but a saviour . The Coast Guards had arrived.


The Terry Fox was in our bay bopping around the currents and having a hard trouble latching into our cold Arctic Bay flooring.  It was breathtaking to see a “real” ship in our bay and not just our little dory’s with our locals fishing Narwhale.  I know I’m a true Maritimer when I can stand and watch a silent ship for hours without thinking that I’m wasting my time.

Unfortunately for us, and a few other teachers etc our goods were on a bigger ship that only arrived on Sunday.  Hughie and I went down to the ‘dock’ on Sunday to find that during the night another Coast Guard ship had joined the Terry Fox.  Our stuff had arrived.  While sitting around the dock on Sunday admiring the boats and the Pay-loader Ballet we found out since there are very few personal items our sealift order was more likely shoved down in the hold. Meaning:  We won’t get it until Monday


We waited and waited on Monday jumping up (okay I was jumping) every time a Pay loader drove by the house, which wasn’t often because yesterday was Labour day.  So about 4:30/5:00 I decided to curl up on the chair and have another little catnap while Hughie killed time with the PS3.  I awoke to a rumble and a very excited Hughie – our box of goodies had arrived.

IMG_5380 IMG_5393


Before and after shot:

IMG_5418   IMG_5435

We are well stocked in the “treats” category – Hughie has enough Willowcrisp & Macaroons to get thru a month of Blizzards.  I on the other hand, have enough cleaning goods to get me thru a month of blizzards so it is the perfect handoff. 

IMG_5439 IMG_5436

So let the bay freeze up, I’m now prepared for winter! 

(The pictures don’t do our barge room/kitchen justice – for only two people and two dogs I’m sure we will have food left over when we move out of Kugaaruk this time next year…. yikes the food!!)

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Kennie said...

As much as I hated sea-lift time (the ordering process), I do miss unpacking a sea-lift order. Always felt like Christmas in September.

And don't worry - your "extra / left-over sea-lift" will disappear quite quickly in a yard sale (or I guess in my case it was an apartment sale). Towards May/June I know our store were looking pretty bare and many locals were banging on my door asking if I was going to be selling off my extra sea-lift. And I did too. Everything was priced at either 1$ or 2$ and it went lickidy split out the door.

Happy sea-lift discovering!