Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Difference between the South vs North


1.  I don’t know my neighbours or my neighbours kids.

2.  Smiling at random kids may have me arrested.

3.  I don’t know where everything is located in my grocery store.

4.  Shopping in my Pj’s while drinking coffee may have me committed.

5.  Too many have alcohol that shouldn’t, instead of just a few.

6. I have to pluck my eyebrows, wax face, shave legs, apply makeup, shower and wash my hair on a daily basis.

7.  Summertime darkness.

8.  HST.

9.  Recycling (Although we love to contribute to a healthier sustainable environment).

10. Humidity. (For the sake of the argument, I love the humidity, although I know not everyone agrees with me.)


Melodie said...

Welcome to the 'south'! I hope you're enjoying the 'summertime darkness' It's funny, cause obviously to ppl like me it feels like 'endless days' haha!

Ontario just got the HST too now..."whatever".

O, and no, you won't find snow in July! Haha, yay! I've been to Nova Scotia before and it's quite gorgeous out there...I was lucky it wasn't raining either, since I know it kind of rains a lot out there.


p.s. Haha about people who say they drive a Honda actually driving a Honda! I tell my friends about that information about 'machines' and 'Hondas' that I read on yours and other northern blogs, they think it's hilarious!

Morena said...

I love you're comparisons, I got a good chuckle out of a few cause they are just so apt. I love the new header. the green is so green... Green is what I miss most so it's great to see it.

Glad you're settling in. Enjoy a cold beer for us.