Monday, April 26, 2010

Windows are cracked….open

Things have been relatively slow here, which explains the lack of updates lately.  I have been spending quite a bit of my time organizing my life (aka house) and walking the dogs.  The sun is too beautiful to stay indoors for long.  As my facebook status says today, I have opened my windows.  The snow has finally melted off my windows and now they are free and clear.  The air smells so fresh and crisp (Sewage truck doesn’t come around this end of town until tomorrow) and I can almost see my house shake off the winter blues that it has been holding on to.

On a completely different topic, It is funny how you almost forget you are in the North until odd little things happens to you:

1.  I walk both Chakotay & Sekaya separately for my benefit and for their own – it gives them some time apart and I don’ t have to look like I have rubber arms being pulled in two directions.  There is a little girl who lives just down the street to me, who has taken to Chakotay (no surprise) and Sekaya (very surprising) however, that isn’t the odd little thing.  She was playing with Sekaya (throwing her snow – but not getting too close) and she stopped looked me up and down a couple of times and then said “Where are your boots” – now I was wearing my North Face hikers – I was about to answer her, when I noticed for the first time she was NOT wearing mittens.

2.  I was outside yesterday morning with Chakotay, while he was doing his morning constitutional I had a local lady come up to me and ask if I saw her missing dog.  When I inquired when her dog went missing she said “I didn’t notice”….  So did her dog go missing two weeks ago or two minutes ago, needless to say I didn’t see her dog.  I wonder if she “didn’t notice” when her dog returned… or if he did?

On another note, it is Hockey Playoffs – which means in my household hockey is on the television 7 days a week no matter which team is playing.  However, with our team being the Vancouver Canucks we have been glued to the television for the last 12 days.  Last night was nerve wracking to say the least but the Canucks were victorious – once again jumping all over the Kings in the 3rd period.  The Kings played a heck of a game, and we will definitely see them in the Playoffs next season, Drew Doughty isn’t going anywhere.

Sekaya my little puppy is no longer a little puppy, she turned 3 on Friday.  I didn’t do an official post about her birthday because in all honesty it only seems like yesterday I posted about her 2nd birthday.  Although with owning two huskies comes blowing that is.  Yellowknife has exacerbated the hair blowing – last year it didn’t start until the end of May.  I have been dodging hair tumbleweeds all weekend as they filter down the hall.  So I guess I am back to vacuuming twice daily to keep up with the hair.  I look forward to the future where I will have a huge fenced in back yard,where they can shed to their hearts content.

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