Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Return to sender

I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m sitting in my kitchen writing a blog – 30 days flew by.  I know this sounds weird, but it feels good to be home.   Living out of your suitcase for 30 days, even when you place your clothes into an available closet or dresser, is not fun after the initial excitement wears off. 

This vacation was fantastic, although, we did lose a couple days due to flying, whether it was the flight from St. Lucia where we were stuck in the Toronto airport for 7 hours (3-hours of that was us carting around our luggage..blah!) and then sitting in the Edmonton airport yesterday for 6 hours.  However, I will admit those hours did fly by with the help of alcohol and Starbucks/Second Cup coffee.  I also broke my “sleeping in a airport virginity”.  I dozed a time or two in airports, but yesterday after only 1.5 hour of sleep the night before I crashed on a bench for 90 minutes and snoozed quite comfortably. 

I won’t bother with an official play-by-play of this vacation but I will give a few highlighted points for those who read this blog and not the updates I place on Facebook.  (No particular order)

- Hair foils, waxing, manicure & pedicure.  I have fallen in love with the Oasis Mineral Spa in Winnipeg as well as Cedar Springs Spa in Timmins, Ontario.

- Seeing the Manitoba Moose as well as the Minnesota Wild lose…brutal luck but the beer was cold and crisp.

- Palomino Club in Winnipeg…what a spot.

-Sourpuss (Raspberry & Green Apple)

-Manitoba winning the Championship, and knowing the only team they lost to in round-robin was NWT/NU! (Sorry Gary)

-Hospitality Suite with the added bonus of $2.00 drinks.

-Quarry Physiotherapy; Gimli, Manitoba

-Meeting the most charismatic cat, Chubbs.

-Ikea with Andrew & Laura.

-Mall of America – Nordstrom's, Victoria Secret, Yankee Candle.

-Wearing boots that are NOT Sorels

-Toronto Eaton Centre

-Winnipeg Polo Park

-The North Face store in Minnesota

-Bubbles replica

-I know I did the official blog post but..LADERA, ST. Lucia.

-Caribou Coffee, Starbucks, Second Cup & Tim Horton's.

-Seeing my dogs for the first time after vacation.

I can go on and on about this vacation, it was just that good – but then if I did that I should have just wrote a “play by play”.  I’m glad to be home even with all the vacation laundry that has to be completed.  They are calling for some nice “seasonal” weather over the next couple of days, so I’m looking forward to hanging outside with my pups taking in the fresh crisp arctic air.  Our time is coming to a close and I want to take advantage of every nice day that I can.  (No we don’t know where we are going…lol).

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Morena said...

It's amazing what 30 days out can do for your northern mojo huh? I'm glad you made it back safely and are embrasing being back up here. Enjoy the end of your journey! Can't wait to hear where you're headed.