Monday, October 5, 2009

The Top Ten Reasons

Many people today are celebrating one of the best birthdays around.  The Birthday of Alexander Keith – the maker and founder of ALEXANDER KEITHS BEER [Those who like it, like it a lot!]

However, Today is the day I married my best friend, I know that may sound corny to some, however that is the truth.  My husband is my best friend.  We do almost everything together and not just because we are “duty” bound by a gold or titanium band on our fingers.  We do have our moments when we get on each other nerves and we would like nothing better than a 5 minute window of solitude but who doesn’t from time to time.  But at the end of the day we curl up in our bed with our two fur-kids and we realize how lucky we are to have each other.  (Yes I know I’m lucky, even when you don’t put the tooth-paste back in the toothpaste holder or leave your dirty sock lint on my freshly vacuumed floors… )

Anyways, when it came time to figure out a gift to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary I was stumped and had to think long and hard.  What type of gift to you give someone to show them that you appreciate and love them unconditionally…. ….

When searching online, the traditional gift giving option is “Cotton” while the more modern aspect would be “China”.  If you really truly know Hughie you realizes that “china” would be a lost cause as he doesn’t speak Chinese or washes dishes.  So I guess that means I went for the “Cotton” traditional gift. I thought about it, I mean a man always needs new clothes and especially warm ones where we live, however my Husband is far from traditional especially ones that span thousands of years; don’t get me wrong he has his “traditions”…like HNIC on Saturday nights and drinking his morning coffee just to name a few…but some traditions like “Cotton” needs to be broken.  So I went for a more sensible gift… NHL2010 for the PS3 (Now you are wondering, OH MY GOD you just gave away his surprise…lol, he 1.  Does read my blog because he lives with me 24/7 and 2…He is at work drinking his morning coffee reading and doing his email [Yet another Hughie tradition]. . . . Now if Canada Post would only get their ass in gear and get it here then I could give it to him… …

So with that said

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Husband.

(No specific Order)

10.   We both think “Vertical Limit” & “Cabin Fever” stole precious moments from our lives that we will never get back. 

9       He taught me all about hockey, CFL & curling..sports that I now love and curse along with him.

8       He puts up with my constant travel banter “Do you have your passport…drivers licence…boarding pass..”

7     He doesn’t complain or rolls his eyes when I go all googly eyed over Vin Diesel and Chris Daughtry.  *Love my bald men*

6     He will kiss me goodbye in the morning, even with my BAD morning breath.

5    He always holds my hand so tight and never lets it go when walking in a strange place and when he does let go I know I’m safe and protected.

4   He is almost always right and even when I think I’m right.. I’m usually wrong …and he will listen to me fight my cause regardless of how winded and drawn out that fight may be.

3  He loves all animals big and small and will fight against those who hurt them.  (While living in Manitoba, we walked home - 30 minutes away; while driving his truck at idle, a 13 year old husky who wondered away from his home just to make sure he got home safely) 

2   He is very sensitive and has the biggest heart of anyone I know and with that said he also has a wicked sense of humour that has yet to get us into trouble…

I could say something really corny here  like “You complete Me” or “You had me at hello” something that we’ve all heard a thousand time but I’m willing to keep it simple.…

1.   The top ten reason why I love my husband, is because he loves me. 

Honourable Mentions:   We listen to the same music, enjoy the same taste in movies, we cheer for the same sports team and curse the ones we don’t, we drink oodles of beer together on vacations and hold each other up after we do..except when we forget our hotel key and you leave me in a hall way to take druken pictures of myself ….. yikes!….we can walk around Chapters for hours and not buy a thing, we can walk around Futureshop for hours and buy LOTS… … …

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Hughie! 





Tara Muise said...

love it...happy anniversary.

Morena said...

I love bald too. That's a sweet post. Congrats.