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Online Shopping Review

(This is one persons opinions of the below mentioned stores)

Bath and Body Works – When I learned that they shipped to Canada I was floored to say the least.  I fell in love with this store while shopping in the states two years ago.  Their anti-bacterial pump soap has been gracing my bathroom/kitchen since then.

Negative:    Shipping costs changes with your purchases.  The more you purchase the most you pay for shipping costs.  For example:  $35.00 in product (Christmas soap for bathroom, candle and a free plug in) cost me approximately $14.95 for shipping.  The costs for shipping is very reasonable for Northern standards, I just wish they would set a standard straight up fee for shipping, even it if was a bit on the high side.

Positive:  They offer more than the store does on their website.  You can find clothes, socks and dog/cat products.  As I mentioned before I’m a lover and purchaser of their anti-bacterial line of soaps and their shampoos.  They don’t test their finished products on Animal and the smell of their products is quite true to the actual name of the product.  (Items:  Candles, soaps, shampoo & conditions, herbal, lotions, socks, trinkets, and some clothes (they run a tad small so check out the sizing chart)

Rating:  3 1/3 stars out of 5

Best Buy  -- I have yet to purchase anything from this store, and I usually use it as a tool when shopping at Futureshop to determine which site has the better price.  Up until now, Futureshop has always had what I needed.  However, I did notice that Best Buy Canada & Futureshop must use the same warehouse company considering when Futureshop did not have something in stock at the warehouse neither did Best Buy. … Coincidence, probably  not. They are also offering the free shipping promotion after you spend $39.00 *before taxes*


Cabelas *American*  -- While shopping in Minnesota we were told by our friends to check out this store, not just for their products but for their displays of animals around their store.  They did not disappoint.  We spent hours in this store just looking at the displays and then we noticed the sales and “gear” they had to offer.  This online store has the same products that you would find in the store.

Negative:  This is an American site, and therefore you have to convert all the prices of the products to Canadian funds.  

Positive:   They have an excellent selection of Under Armour, The North Face, Columbia and Cabelas name brand items.  They are all reasonably priced even with the conversion.  I purchase off this site quite frequently and have found shipping to be quite organized and arrives within the allotted time the cost for shipping is approximately $14.95 I believe that is a standard fee as I have been never charged anything less or more. Products arrive approximately 14-20 days from the shipping date.  (Items:  Hunting & fishing gear, brand-name clothing, camping gear and accessories, and a great Bargain Cave) 

Rating:  3 3/4 stars out of 5

Cabelas *Canadian* – I can honestly say since S.I.R was bought out from Cabelas I have not shopped off their website.  They are still in “building” mode and don’t have the products I am looking for.  I would make the assumption that shipping would be direct from Toronto so it would shave off some of the wait time that you would normally have if you shopped from the American version however I can’t say that for sure.                

Chapters -  I spent a lot of my afternoons frequently visiting this store back home, however the lure of Starbucks was a huge plus.  However when you read as much as I do, you need to take advantage of this store from the online perspective.

Negative:  On the odd occasion they don’t have the products that you are looking for, and if you purchase a toy (large) or select board games you don’t qualify for the free shipping.  I also wish their packaging was better – there are times I receive my books and I wonder how they didn’t fall out of the satchel type envelope they arrive in.

Positive:  Free shipping when you spend over $39.00 (before taxes).  Shipping has been good to me, I receive my orders in approximately 14 days from the shipping date.  Usually the date they quote me on the shipping receipt  is a day or two later than when I actually receive the package. 

Rating:  4   1/4 stars out of 5

Costco – Well we all love Costco however I find walking around the huge warehouse store a little frightening since I never know what I’m going to walk out with and now I find that same feeling returns when I click on the website.

Negative:  I wish you would be able to purchase food items on Costco, outside the gift baskets and the odd treats you find around holidays. 

Positive:  Free shipping on (most) products.  I have yet to find a product that I needed that was not free shipping, however with that said I have never needed a big item.  However, I know of people that have ordered large items with no shipping costs.  The shipping estimates and arrivals are very accurate and the boxes are well packed and secure.  (Items change on occasion, however you can find pretty much what you are looking for, and if you don’t find it, check back frequently)

Rating:  4 1/2 stars out of 5

Futureshop – I am an avid music and movie watcher/listener so I have this site bookmarked as well as keep a record of the upcoming movies/music I want to purchase.  I use this site more now than I ever did..the reason why is below.

Negative:  I have found lately that when you want to purchase an item that has just arrived in stores you are unable to purchase it without a wait due to the product being not available in the warehouse.  I had to wait approximately 2 weeks for a new box-set to arrive at the warehouse prior to it being sent out.

Positive:   Free shipping over $39.00.  I don’t know how long this promotion is going on for, or if this is something that will be long term like Chapters.  However, approximately a month or so ago I saw the “Free Shipping” ad and I have been taking advantage of it ever since.  I complained above regarding stock, however due to the fact that I waited two extra weeks for my product – my products ordered were shipped to me via expedient mail verses regular mail at no additional cost.  (Items, DVDs, BluRays, Music, small kitchen appliances)

Rating:  (Before F/S – 2 1/2 stars out of 5)  (After F/S – 4 1/3 stars out of 5)

Lush Canada – Love, Love, Love this store.  I found this store while walking through the Toronto Airport however I didn’t purchase any products until moving up North.

Negative:   The products (Bath melts & bombs) can be a bit on the expensive side if you don’t break them up into halves prior to using them in your tub and/or shower.

Positive:   The warehouse for Lush is based out of Vancouver, therefore most if not all of my orders have arrived within 7 business days.  The items are not tested on animals and are all-natural and vegan based products.  The selection is very vast and the products smell heavenly. (Just ask, and I’ll tell you a few of my favourites).  The products arrive well sealed and packed.  However they will discourage some items in the summer due to their ability to melt.  I have not had a problem ordering these types of items especially living where I live.  Shipping fees are very reasonable and I have not paid over $12.95 for an order.  I placed orders approximately twice a month.  (Items:  Bath bombs, Shampoo & conditioner, Toner tabs, Bath Melts, Bubble bars, massage bars etc)

Rating:  5 stars out of 5.  (Yes I truly LOVE this store)

Rocky Mountain  - I have personally not used this store for shopping, however my husband has.  They have an excellent clearance section that we frequent every now and again.  Since I did not personally order from this site, I’m not aware of the shipping protocols.  I will say that we managed to order a pair of Columbia & Under Armour sandals for under $40.00 – Shipping included last spring.

Roots -  I did not visit this store a lot while living in civilization.  However, shopping for men clothing online is quite hard, so I have found myself shopping at this site frequently especially around Christmas time.

Negative:  They have a limited amount of products. Their website does not have near amount of the clothes that you would find in their store.

Positive:  They offer $5.00 shipping as random promotions especially around Christmas time.  They also ship your purchases in recycled paper and offer you the “Green” aspect of shopping both in their clothes and wrappings.  (Items:  Men's & Women's clothing, accessories, baby gear)

Rating:  3 1/2 stars out of 5

The Body Shop – I have not personally shopped from this website, although I do find myself searching around it from time to time.  

Negative:  The Canadian site shopping section is very hard to find, you have to search the website to find the little “store” icon.  I have heard in passing that when you purchase an item you have to wait to see the shipping receipt to verify that you got the item “on sale” – I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I personally like to see the sale items listed before I charge it to my credit card.

Victoria Secret *American*   -  One of the best “Women” stores out there.  I can still remember walking into the store in Minnesota thinking this isn’t like LaSenza back home.

Negatives:  This is an American store, so of course you are going to have to do the dollar conversions to Canadian dollars.  Their shirts and comfy clothes run a size large, and from what I hear – as I have yet to purchase – Jeans and pants run a bit on the smaller size.  (Someone correct me if I’m wrong please)

Positive:  The catalogues that you receive for purchasing off their site almost always offer you some kind of discount which offsets the amount of shipping and handling that you pay to have the product shipped to you.   I have not had any problems with the shipping department however I usually receive my products somewhere in the 3 week mark.  They have a great selection of clothes and they have some great clearance items. (Items: Everything from sexy to comfy with the option to purchase clothes, shoes, accessories and purses!)

Rating:  4 3/4 stars out of 5 – The online drugstore. 

Negative:   ….. …… ……

Positive:  Free Shipping! and everything you need at your fingertips without having to sealift 20lbs of deodorant. Their shipping always has the personal touch and they seem to genuinely care for their customers.  I have personally spoke their customer service rep on numerous occasions just so they can verify that I got the correct items.  I also love the personal touch of the “Thank you for ordering with us” written on the order in pen after it has been filled.

Rating:  5 stars out of 5

Whole Sale Sports & Winnipeg Outfitters  -These two stores I have not ordered from however I have placed them on my list with the hope that I will be ordering from them soon.  When I do so, I will add my thoughts about the store and their shipping procedures.  I don’t frequent their site to know much more about them than that – however I have personally walked into their stores in Winnipeg and enjoy them in that respect.

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'Well' deserves 6 out of 5 they are so awesome. LOVE THEM.