Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yukai Kanada Dei

Load of wash - Check
Vacuum Floors - Check
Let dogs out - Check
Got dressed - Check
....and all this before 9:30. I have way to much free time on my hands. I would prefer to be sleeping at this very moment but my puppy is a sadistic demon with cute fuzzy ears.

Today is Canada Day. I don't believe Kugaaruk is hosting fireworks that I've grown accustomed too over the last decade although if the talent is any good, I may tune in to the Canada Day festivities on television. At least then I get the fireworks without the bug bites. I wholeheartedly admit I'm not the most patriotic person in this great country of ours but I do know my Canadian History, the National Anthem and I never get the "Who is your Prime Minister" wrong and today I will dig through my clothes and attempt to wear something red even if it is my socks.

I'm very excited to note that my most favorite person in the whole world is back tomorrow (He went shopping for me at LUSH!!). To quote him, I felt like I was somewhere between "Liberation & Loneliness". I'm intrigued to see what our phone bill will be like considering all the collect calls that were made the last 4 days. However I will not complain - they were totally worth it! Even when I don't understand what he is jabbering about, or when he repeats himself a dozen times and therefore so do I...I love my husband.

We officially have our dog run up for our fur-kids and they have been enjoying it to the degree we were hoping they would be. They have their freedom and enough space to sit back and relax and watch the world go by. Chakotay is our nosy husky so he tends to perch high above on the deck to spy on all the dogs and birds he can see. Sekaya is very much happy just to chill out - dig small little holes and carries out all her toys one by one..which I can only assume is for her enjoyment and comfort.

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