Monday, July 13, 2009

20+ days

As my title says I'm approximately 22-21 days away from flying away from this icebox they call Kugaaruk into the land of warmth with sunshine by day and darkness by night! I've been thinking for quite sometime that I shouldn't be counting down to this vacation, especially since as I get closer to V-DAY (vacation day) my sleep schedule is becoming more messed up than usual. (IE: I had a dream the other night I was a orange about to become freshly squeezed OJ)
Although, with the approximation of 20+ days until V-Day comes the second countdown. DISNEY - I'm trying to push that date into the recesses of my mind in order to get at least some sleep. If I realize that Disney is only a little over a month away, I may just not sleep until after we get back...and that may prove to be my downfall. I can be a tad bit cranky without sleep.

Things have been relatively _uiet around here lately, however with the amount of rain we got this past weekend, things were a little hectic for Hughie & Eldon, but nothing they couldn't handle. Rain makes people go a little cuckoo when they can't get outside and enjoy the "summer" weather.

With that leeway, summer...where did it go and will it return or was a week of sunshine and slightly warmer weather was all we get. It has been damp, rainy and cloudy since midweek. I'm hoping for warmer sunny weather. I'm as pasty as ...well paste and I would enjoy at least one or two days of warm weather to toast me up..just a bit... ... or should I bring out my toques, parka and mittens?

Addendum: In my previous post I spoke about airline prices, well luck would have it a seatsale came up in the last couple of days and we saved approximately $900.00!!

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