Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Merry "After" Christmas

Happy New Year! - 10 days late.

Christmas was fantastic this year; quiet and peaceful - just the way that I enjoy it. December, however, started off in a whirlwind - starting with the birth of my new little Niece Kaylee - She is such a little adorable cutie I wanted to steal her and run home; but I'm sure my brother would have tackled me and would have threatened to spit in my eye if I didn't pass her back over. She looks so much like Ryan (Even the high forehead...that child will need to grow bangs ) although I'm sure Mommy will surface as she grows older *She turned 6 weeks yesterday*. Of course she was born a bit later than expected, and up until she was born I had every weekend free and clear to make the speedy trip over to PEI for the meet n great, however she had her own plans and on November 29th she graced this world - and I was heading to Boston the following about "bad" timing ;)
Boston was fantastic, we took a couple of extra days and made it a long weekend together - NFL Football (Pats vs Colts), shopping (Wrentham Outlet Mall) and Uggs x 3. It was great to get away as Mr. Fidler was super busy over the month of November, being a one-man show so we didn't see much of each other with our conflicting schedules. I didn't purchase all that much for ourselves, beyond my Uggs, but oh my did we spoil our nephews & neices to the max! OshGosh, Uggs, Nautica, Nordstroms!! They are now decked out with all new clothes, and of course I couldn't forget the toys. This vacation was a bit of a "fly by the seat". We had a few hotels book for our stay but Friday night was up in the air - my Husband the worlds greatest compass decided for us to stay in Rockport, MA for the night - he knew the direction and we just started driving, no map and no internet - and after 30 minutes of driving we found our location and our hotel for the night. Fantastic! The next morning the lil'town of Rockport was having their annual tree lightning ceremony - the town was a buzz of activity! We purchases some of the cutest christmas tree ornaments and had breakfast at this little diner that made the best eggs I've had in a long time. It was such a gorgeous little town - a must go and see if you are ever in the area.

I know, I'm about to talk about the Weather - as a Maritimer it is my god given right to do so.... It has been fanastic this year, we have had only one snow storm followed by warm temps and rain (bye bye snow) - we received about 10cm prior to Christmas (Yippee! White Christmas) and now there is just a light dusting covering the ground to help elimiate the ugliness of the dead grass...and they are calling for rain and 7 degrees tomorrow. I know the real cold weather will find us eventually but having this type of weather in January is suiting me just fine.

I know I don't post as much as I use too - I also don't have time to bake or to be online as much as I did when I was online almost 24/7 - I prefer life this way, busy and active. (Speaking of active, I can't tell you all how much I love Yoga!).

Well my office is becoming a buzzing little community of patients - so I best get my 'work-face' on and get something done (Although I Do look busy typing up my blog entry)

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