Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Do you know when you take a piece of meat or chicken, place a piece of waxed or parchment paper over top and pound the living snot out of it to make it all tenderized...well that is how I feel this morning. Since moving home, I have been running approximately 7k-5 days a week - it has been great to have that alone time at the end of a busy day to clear my head before I step into "wife" mode and make supper and spend time with Mr. Fidler, however, I felt like I was stuck in a rut. So either A. I could join a gym and waste my money - since that would mean I would have to force myself to jump in the car and drive to the out, then drive home or B. I could find myself another aerobic work out video that targets the core. Well I decided on "B". It is definitely cheaper than a gym membership. I did some search online and after careful research I decided on two DVD's "Jillian Michael" 6-week abs and "something" Yoga (Can't remember the name since I haven't pulled it out of the wrapper). So last night, after I got home from work I pulled off the wrapper and popped it into my dvd player and hit the play button. 35 minutes later I was a piece of meat..I could have wrung out my ponytail...I did manage to jump on the ellipitcal for a 25 minute run..a couple of K; but that was all my poor body could take. Now this morning, just as the title says I feel like I've been attacked at the core by a blunt object. (I don't recall what those meat tenderizer mallets are called). I haven't tried the Yoga DVD yet, however, I think that will be a weekend DVD - since I don't run on the weekend (unless I miss a day during the week), I would like to do something to center my body and mind....

Stay tuned folks - I just purchased a new Dyson Handheld and a review of this new item is coming!

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